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Wedding gifts in India - Gifts to win the hearts of the groom and bride

Wedding is a special ceremony wherein 2 individuals come together in sacred matrimony.  In order to grace the occasion, the families of both the partners do everything they can to make the union memorable. Exchanging weddings gifts is an integral part of the ceremony and not only do the family members of both sides exchange gifts but the invitees come along with gifts too to bless the newlyweds.

Wedding gifts usually differ widely and while the weddings gifts in India might be more traditional and ethnic, the same may not be found elsewhere. Similarly, the weddings gifts found let us say in the western countries will differ from the ones found in India. However, there are few items that are similar in nature regardless of the country in which the union is taking place. These essentially include the ring, jewelry, wedding trousseau, flowers, and the like. Given below are few examples of wedding gifts in India that are commonly bought for the newly married couple.

  • Jewelry - Pearls, semi precious and precious stones, diamond studded jewelry, gold, silver, and platinum rule supreme in all weddings. Depending on the lifestyle of the bride and the groom you can gift them jewelry. For instance, if the bride is working, perhaps she will not be able to use heavily ornamented jewelry frequently as these can be used only on special occasions. So, you can gift pearl set or lighter ornaments that can be used with formal wear.
  • Designer watches - There are couple-watches available by most of the brands. So, this can be a perfect gift for the newlyweds. Gift a couple watch.
  • Indian paintings - For couples that will be shifting to another country after their wedding, you can gift an Indian painting that will remind them of their country and its culture. Regarded as one of the ideal weddings gifts in India, it will keep the couple rooted to their origin.
  • Traditional home décor items - These are ideal gifts for a wedding. You can buy handcrafted or handloom-made upholstery set for the new apartment. Furnishing decorated with beads and sequins can be an ideal gift too.
  • Ornamental jewelry box - Richly and intricately carved and with an antique look, it can serve as a good gift item. The new couple will require the box even more because they will need to keep their ornaments in a safe place. If the size is right, it can also be kept in a bank vault.


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