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Use silver plated gifts for varying occasions

Gifting silver plated gifts are not uncommon. In fact, these days, people also gift the silver metal on birthdays. In the yesteryears, gifting a silver item was regarded as expensive. But thanks to the innovative minds as we now have silver gifts that range from a tiny spoon to large artifacts made of pure silver. So, the affordability factor is much higher these days. Moreover, if you think that you don’t want to go overboard and spend a lot of money on the gifts but at the same time you want to gift silver, you can always go for the silver plated gifts, which are very common gift items that you will find these days. You just walk into any jewelry store and choose a gift as per your budget. You can gift these items on the following occasions-

Types of silver plated gifts you can buy

There are a number of silver coated gifts that you can choose from and the options are given below-

  • Plates
  • Glass
  • Jewelry box
  • Chain
  • Silver quilt pen
  • Figurines of Gods and Goddesses
  • Photo frame
  • Statues of dancing girls
  • Antique silver items
  • Candle stand with crystal work
  • Home décor items
  • Betel box

You can also gift a silver ring that has semi precious or precious stones fitted into it. Remember, there are many semi precious as well as precious stones that are also used for astrological purposes. So, you can gift the ring fitted with the stone that your dear one has been advised to wear. The most common items made of silver are perhaps the coins that have the images of Gods and Goddesses engraved on them. This is considered to be a good luck charm and is expected to bring prosperity and joy to the person whom you gift it. So, even if you are planning to gift other silver plated gift items, you can always add a coin with it.

Gifting silver items is best as it is easier to maintain the silver coated gifts. All you need is warm water and a little dishwasher detergent mixed in dilute concentration in the sink. Also soft cloth can wipe off the grime and dirt.

If you are residing in a place where you will not be able to handover the gift personally, you can seek help of online shopping and have the silver plated gift items delivered at the doorstep of the person to whom you are planning to gift.

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