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Housewarming Gifts - What you should gift and what you should not

When it comes to gifting housewarming gifts, the options are unlimited. You can carry with you just about anything under the sun leaving out a few, which will prove to be more of a mess than a gift. Most of the write ups that we come across deal with the kind of gifts that you can carry from where you get an idea, but in this write up, we will also focus on the housewarming gifts that you should not carry. What are these gifts, let us check out.

Gifts you should avoid

There are gifts that it is better if you avoid when you have been invited for a housewarming party. These essentially include the following-

  • Pets - If you like a small puppy, it is not necessary that your friend will like it too. So, buying a pet is waste of money. Moreover, if your friend is fond of pets, it is quite likely that they will already have one. So, avoid pets unless your friend asks you to gift her one.
  • Food - Again, food items are a strict no as housewarming gifts. If you know the host well, it makes sense in baking and carrying a brownie with you, which your friend knows you are good at. But if you are a new invitee (let us say, you are meeting your husband’s boss for the first time), it does not make sense in baking a cake and carrying it along. You will not know if the host is allergic to certain ingredients. Not only that, if the family is fond of simple homemade food and if you happen to buy pastries or patties from a bakery, they may not like your gift. So, avoid.
  • Plants - This can again be one of the best housewarming gifts according to you but avoid this too. There are many households that believe in vaastu shastra and feng shui. If you gift a potted plant that may not be lucky for the household, it can be quite embarrassing not only for you but also for the host.

Housewarming gift ideas- The ones you can carry

When it comes to selecting a housewarming gift, there are many gift items that you can buy. Few such gifts are as follows-


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