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Divine Collection - Gift ideas for different occasions

There are several occasions on which we visit houses of our friends, peers, and dear ones. Regardless of the celebrations or occasion, most of us carry something with us, a small gift or a token gift. Some prefer to spend a fortune on these gifts but there are many that prefer to keep it small. It is best not to be extravagant and keep it simple that will adhere to the actual purpose of the occasion and not show your extravagance or benevolence. In this short write up, we will quickly catch a glimpse of the divine collection gifts that you can carry with you if you have been invited for a special occasion. Check them out.

Divine collection for housewarming

Housewarming is a special occasion when you are shifting to your nest. You move in with dreams and you will also want that you spend the rest of the days in that house in peace and harmony. There are many divine gifts that guests will carry along so that they bring joy and prosperity. These gifts can be related to Feng shui like a laughing Buddha that has to be kept facing the door and is believed to ward off evil. Similarly, you can also place a Ganesha figurine in your living room or a Nataraj statue. However, it is believed that these gifts work best when they are given by someone and not when you buy them on your own.

Divine collection for wedding

Wedding is an auspicious occasion. It is the union of 2 families, 2 individuals belonging to different culture and believing in different customs. So, adjustment is usually the need of the hour in such unions. People choose divine collection gifts for this occasion to bless the newlyweds. Some of the gifts you can buy for the occasion include the following-

  • Figurine or small statues of deities like Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Laxmi, Durga, Sai Baba, Radha Krishna, Bal Ganesha, and the like.
  • Wall hangings or pendants that carry the images of the deities mentioned in the above point
  • Similarly, the figurine of deities are also available in crystal cut pieces that look elegant

Divine collection for religious ceremonies

There are several other religious ceremonies when you can buy divine collection gift or the host. Wall hangings with images of deities and other home décor items that will grace the place where the religious ceremony or rituals are being held are few other gift ideas you can opt for.

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