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6 unique baby shower gifts

Baby shower is a ceremony or an occasion wherein the delivery of a baby is expected shortly and in which the lady carrying the baby (the would-be mother) is “showered with gifts”. In some countries, baby shower ceremony is also referred when there has been a recent birth of a child. On this occasion, usually the womenfolk is invited, men are usually kept out of it exception may be the would-be father. Guests come with different types of gifts and these gifts are usually related to child birth or in other words related to all gift items that are of some use to the child or the would-be mother. In the following paragraphs, let us catch a glimpse of the baby shower gifts that you can gift if you have been invited for such an occasion.

  1. Baby bottle covers - You can stitch or knit baby bottle covers. These covers will serve as bags in which you can keep the bottles when you are traveling with your baby. The material you choose can be woolen, cotton, or of any fabric that will be easy to wash and dry and will also offer adequate protection to the bottles.
  2. Baby carry bags - Sometimes referred to as “kangaroo bags”, this is an ideal gift for your baby. You can carry the baby anywhere you go and at the same time keep your hands free so that you get adequate balance while carrying your child. Just make sure that the bags you buy are ergonomically built so that it won’t hurt your baby due to wrong posture.
  3. Perambulator or pram - As you get on with your daily chores, you definitely want to keep an eye on your baby too. So, as you move from one room to another, you can place your little one in the pram. You can also take your baby for evening walks and for stroll along your driveway, garden, or a nearby park.
  4. Diapers- You will need them as your child grows older so this gift is indispensible and is welcome anytime. One of the most bought items as baby shower gifts is a pack of diapers for the newborn.
  5. Bibs - These are essential for any newborn. You can buy a pack of bibs. As you feed the baby, you can be sure that the dress will not get wet or dirty. Use bibs whenever necessary.

Grooming set - These sets usually contain a soother, a comb, toothbrush, and hair brush, medicine measuring funnel, massage oil, lotion, soap, baby shampoo, and the like. This can be one of the best baby shower gifts you can buy.

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